People go online for various reasons. One of the more enduring reasons is to get entertained. The Net provides sources of entertainment, depending on how you want to be entertained or how you define this concept. Online, some people get entertained by reading comics, streaming video, playing games, engaging with other people through social networking, and others go to sites that have entertaining news. Let’s look at three entertaining websites to stay up to speed on great entertainment, and even more.

1. Gawker

Gawker is one of the most famous blogs in cyberspace, which is unusual, considering that it started out as a simple “weblog magazine” that chronicled what was happening in Manhattan.  Over the years, Gawker morphed into a highly authoritative source of gossip that quickly became a fertile ground for mining news stories.

While the words “highly authoritative” and “gossip” may seem to be at loggerheads with each other, it is exactly what Gawker embodies. That’s why it’s able to entertain its vast readership that reaches across the globe.

Despite its name, Gawker – a word that has been pointed out several times as “someone who gawks or  stares vacantly and stupidly” – has deftly been able to position itself as a source to be believed. News items cover highly diverse topics such as the impropriety of funeral selfies, a lonely man cutting off his manhood, and how, when seen from above, a Christian Science Church looks a lot like a giant phallic symbol.

Although it also features topics that are more mainstream-sounding like the role of violence in the life of singer Chris Brown, and a brief photo-essay about hurricane Sandy before and after, there’s a lot in the Gawker that’s NSFW.

2. OV Guide

OV Guide, otherwise known as Your Online Video Guide, is the second in our line up of entertaining websites. Unlike Gawker, which directly entertains because of its news content, OV Guide helps to entertain people by acting as an aggregator of websites that have video content.

From free full-length movies and TV shows to viral videos and short clips, OV Guide users rely on this site to find what they want, in various genres. When the content you want is not available via OV Guide, the site will direct the users to video on demand sites or subscription services.

If you’ve got a reliable Internet connection with high bandwidth capacity, then, check out OV Guide.

3. TheWrap

If what you’re after is information about the most current events taking place in Hollywood, then go straight to TheWrap to get your fill about celebrities, along with “heavier” news items about key players and projects in entertainment and media.

The Los Angeles Press Club, during its National Entertainment Journalism Awards in 2009 and 2012, named TheWrap as the best online news site. TheWrap has also been nominated by the LAPC as the Best Entertainment website of 2012.

Aside from the celebrity and entertainment news that are staples of the site, TheWrap also:

  • — provides incisive movie reviews

  • — covers film festivals and reports on them

  • — reviews TV shows and their ratings, provides tips and encouragement for not-yet-established actors through its blogs

  • — discusses theater and music events

  • — and delves into the major awards such as the Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes

These three entertaining websites that we featured can give you what you want in terms of entertainment news and sheer entertainment value. Have fun checking them out.