When we say save a tree, we don’t mean to physically throw yourself between the tree and the chainsaw. But if you do, you’ll probably receive a ton of karma. What we really want you to do is take a look at this wonderful website, PrintFriendly. It’s a very simple web tool for making any web page print-friendly. PrintFriendly takes away all the images and advertisements from any website and organizes the text into a document that can be easily printed or saved as a PDF. The even have a browser extension for easier use.

So, How Do I Save A Tree?

You save a tree by saving space and printing less. You end up printing out what matters and avoiding all the advertising junk. Heck, you’ll even save your printer some ink! This website is especially great for research. It takes away the distractions and allows you to focus on the important part of the website, the copy.