There used to be a time, not that long ago, when being fashionable and trendy, and being meticulous about grooming were activities that concerned only women. In most cases, men could be as grungy as they like, except for certain guys whose profession or social status demanded that they always be dressed and groomed impeccably. But as years passed, social expectations changed. This was also about the time that websites for men started to make their presence felt.

As of now, there are thousands of websites for men online. We’ve chosen to feature two of the most modern and manliest sites that we’ve come across and share them with you.

1. Primer

Primer positions itself as “a guy’s post-college guide to growing up.” Although it is primarily meant for the male 20-somethings, its more than half a million monthly readers cut a wide swath among various demographics because of the site’s impressive contents.

One of the things that Primer can take well-deserved pride in, is the meaningful but easily understood content that it dispenses. Its articles always keep in mind the need to help young adult males cope with new responsibilities and roles in life that are coming their way.

Although it isn’t always politically correct, the site does support and promote the idea that being a manly man does not have to equal being insufferably dominating towards women, to the point of abusing them. Hands down, this is one of the greatest personality training tips that young adult men can ever receive.

Primer is not the typical man’s website. It is strong and positive in challenging stereotypes. This helps modern young men to become more capable of bettering themselves, by once more giving value to ideas of manhood that effectively worked in the past.

2. Brotips

Brotips is an irreverent, candid, basic, and realistic approach to being a man.  It provides its huge readership with a treasure trove of, what else, brotips or succinct sayings that pack a huge wallop in terms of meanings. Its numbered “brotips,” are at times hilarious, at times serious, but always relevant and engaging. Here are some samples:

  • There’s a 99% chance that you’re awesome. Act like it.

  • Never argue in public, it can always wait until you’re in private.

  • Smart girls like you when you make them feel pretty. Pretty girls like you when you make them feel smart.

  • Not everyone who compliments you is hitting on you.

  • “Sup?” is a perfectly acceptable response to “sup?” – this one received one of the highest number of “brofists” or approval ratings.

For example, this brotip is one of those that most clearly show support for breaking down traditional ideas of machismo and keeping well within the legal boundaries of life: “I know the hammered girl is sexy, but there’s nothing sexier than consent, bro. Think it through.”

Brotips can be shared via social media and cover such topics as girls, alcohol, punctuality, texting, getting back up, dating, finding inspiration, not being an idiot, and becoming familiar with bro-wisdom. It takes a great lack of a sense of humor to not be appreciative of this highly creative but practical example of great websites for men.