When graphic designers are printing on large media, the most common file format is a vector. Vector images can be any size and not lose any clarity. Unfortunately, many designers are presented with rastered images, which are clear at one size, but appear blurry once enlarged.  In order to convert that rastered image to a vector, one must fully trace the image using specific software.

Do You Believe in Magic?

Astronaut converted from a JPG to EPS file

Vector Magic is an in-browser solution for this graphic artist’s nightmare. With the click of a button, you can convert files from JPG to EPS or to any other vector format. Sure, you can use trace tools from other software, but Vector Magic doesn’t need to been installed! Just upload a file, select your options, and watch the magic in action.

Make Them Count

Sadly, you only get a few free traces, so make them count.  Our advice would be to use a very detailed image that would be difficult to trace by hand.


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