Many designers run into gray areas when looking the the right mix of colors. Most of the time, they are searching for a true color variation to match a certain emotion. They browse one color scheme website after another and still cannot select the correct mixture of colors to paint a specific feeling. Sure, one can go online and read articles about the psychology of colors, but they don’t give you a variety of shades and tones. Design Seeds presents you with color schemes captured directly from attached photographs. As you browse this website, the colors don’t grab your attention, the pictures do, allowing you approach your hues with more affection.

Color Wheel from a color scheme websiteMatching Colors

If you already have a color in mind, Design Seeds makes it easy to find variations by providing two search methods. You can search by the red, blue, and yellow color value, or you can select a theme. The themes include tags such as ‘autumn and ‘vacation,’  and display pictures relating to that scene. For example, the ‘winter’ theme displays photos such as snow-covered forests, holiday ornaments, and arctic glaciers.

More than a Color Scheme Website

If you are having trouble finding a palette, keep exploring! Design Seeds is more than just a color scheme website, it gives you color inspiration. The community has a beautiful Pinterest page as well as a blog full of complimentary color combinations. The blog is frequently updated and also includes a color search to pinpoint your desired pattern.

Hue Knew

You will be amazed at the undiscovered beauty and creativity this world has to offer. If you look hard enough, you can find elegant color schemes from the great outdoors to inside your own home. At Design Seeds, you are using more than just your eyes, you are using your feelings. You are opening a new realm of color solutions one page after the next.

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