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Improve Your SEO Knowledge at SEMtuts

If you’re a fan of the search engine marketing world then the following website may be of interest to you. is a newly-formed search engine magazine that started in late December of 2016, since then they have published a wide range of articles onto their blog to familiarize the newcomers and professionals with the ever-growing trends in the industry and the most recent algorithm updates. Having conducted a discussion with the owner of the blog, their mission is to become the best SEM-related news and tutorials website on the web that webmasters visit in order to better their...

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Improve Yourself: Be a Better Being.

Looking to improve yourself? Whether it be upgrading your body, your diet, or your mind, Better Being  will transform you for the better! Two fitness gurus share their knowledge and experience on how to live a happy, healthy lifestyle.   >> IAmBetterBeing <<  ...

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4 Terrific Technology Websites

Get the latest tech buzz from these 4 terrific technology websites:   Boy Genius Report – Tech news and rumor mill site about phones, computers, video game consoles, etc.   Engadget – Tech news and rumor mill site about phones, computers, video game consoles, etc. (direct competitor of BGR)   Phone Dog – Mobile phone news and rumor mill site. Does full on phone reviews and head to head comparisons between manufacturers.   Techno Buffalo – Tech news and rumor mill site about phones, computers, video game consoles. Along with device hands-on and...

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7 Interesting Websites for 2014

Welcome to a new year! Let’s celebrate with some useful websites that will help us through 2014. A network of IT professionals. If you have any technical questions about your computer, simply create a new thread and be amazed by the helpful community this website has created. Kick-start your new years metabolism with this handy running app. Map your running route, calculate your distance, and socialize with other runners in your area. A very useful resource for those looking to discover the health benefits of tea. Use this huge selection of tools to organize your...

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Learn To Code the Fun Way

Code Academy is a free web to to help you become a better programmer. You begin with basic tutorials and as you progress, the challenges become more difficult and time consuming. They make the program fun by rewarding you with badges, which you can brag about through social media. This website is great for re-learning material and serves a different route than learning in the classroom. It also helps you with critical and logical thinking. When programming, there are sometimes different ways to achieve your outcome, and some ways are more efficient than others. Code Academy teaches you the...

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