Are you stressed over your financial situation? Are you having a difficult time finding ways to save money? There are many resources online to help you with your budget. Whether it be a savings challenge, or a coupon clipper, the internet has different routes to help you reach your goals.

Money Crashers

Money Crashers is full of thoughtful ways to save money. If you are looking for your first credit card, or looking to get out of debt, Money Crashers offers reviews and solutions for your money-saving questions. We especially enjoy their Health and Fitness page which offers ideas on eating healthy on a budget.

Daily Finance

There are plenty of ways to save money, this website touches on on all of them.┬áDaily Finance offers tips on how to plan, save, spend, and invest. They also offer a “Savings Challenge”, making saving your money fun by offering tasks to complete and quick tips.

Retail Me Not

The internet is full of coupons websites, and Retail Me Not is a giant amongst them. They offer over 500k coupons from 50k+ stores. Be sure to visit this website before you make any purchases online because there is a good change they will have a coupon offer for you.

The Simple Dollar

A money-saving blog written by a guy who has been through a “financial meltdown” and shares his budgeting solutions that have helped him. He also writes about insurance tips and has a credit card guide — which can be a good start for your personal finance situation.


Mint is a program to help you track your money. You link your accounts, and set financial goals so you can see where your money is going and what you need to cut back on. You’d be surprised by all the ways to save money with this program.