What would the internet be without entertainment websites? Breaking news, YouTube videos, game reviews — the internet has a ton of communities that keep us entertained. Our hobbies keep us happy, so why not be apart of the huge communities the net has to offer. We have gathered 10 great entertainment websites for you to enjoy. Hopefully you haven’t head of them so you can have some fun exploring:

1. Rolling On the Floor, Lauging

Funny clips, pictures, and games to keep you rolling on the floor, laughing.

2. Before It’s News

Breaking news across the world powered by people like you. A ton of categories — constantly updated.


Who doesn’t like gossip? UPROXX gives you pop culture buzz and internet fads.

4. Crackle

Watch movies and TV shows for free, without interruptions. View watch-lists or create your own.

5. The Pet Collective

An entertainment website for pet lovers. Also, funny cat videos! — the internet’s favorite genre.

6. N4G

Gaming news, reviews, and forums. The user reviews are a fun read.

7. Wards Auto

Automobile community with unique news and data. A great entertainment for car lovers.

8.  DOGO News

This one is for the kids! News articles that educate our youth. (Yes, it’s written for grades K-8th, but this website is great for all ages.)

9. Forgotten Books

Read free books online. Over 1 million free books!

10. VIP Box Sports

Free live streams of all sports.


We hope you enjoyed our list of entertainment websites. There are a lot of websites out there, and we hope to continue to keep bringing them to you. Please feel free to share this article to help us grow!